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Winterlude 2018

February 2018

As usual, the Presbytery youth Winterlude event took place mid-February.

Our theme this year was Space for Grace. The weather was great for outdoor activities that emphasized the difference between human grace (which comes and goes in spurts, like snow balls) and God's grace (which surrounds us all the time, like being buried in snow).

Then it was time for indoor activities like ice cube races and balancing marbles on top of ice cubes! Worship, supper, and fun time rounded up the evening. More

Christmas Pageants

December 2017

December is Christmas Pageant time for congregations. Some are very traditional while others tend to be more contemporary or even futuristic in communicating the Gospel.

However youth and children portray the story of Jesus, it's a fun time for Christians to remember who we are and what we celebrate - and share some of the photos.


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