Winterlude 2018

What Happened Back in 2018

Of course, we love to advertise and publicize events the YWG have organized, but we are also pleased to showcase other youth events held in our presbytery.

Winterlude 2018

February 2018 - Knox, Ottawa

As usual, the Presbytery youth Winterlude event took place mid-February.

Our theme this year was Space for Grace. The weather was great for outdoor activities that emphasized the difference between human grace (which comes and goes in spurts, like snow balls) and God's grace (which surrounds us all the time, like being buried in snow). Swings, slides and snow forts were also popular!

Then it was time for indoor activities like ice cube relay races and balancing marbles on top of ice cubes! Worship was a time to debrief from the outdoor activities, and learn more about different spiritual gifts. Then it was time for supper, clean-up and more fun.

Thanks to all who came, to all who helped with the event, and to Westminster Presbyterian for hosting us.

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