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Our focus is on the youth and youth leaders in the Presbytery of Ottawa but events are open to youth in the region - and that includes the Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry, and the Presbytery of Lanark-Renfrew.

For more information on churches in our region, please visit:
- Presbytery of Ottawa churches
- Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry churches
- Presbytery of Lanark-Renfrew churches

Note: Not all congregations have organized youth groups or youth leaders. In such cases, the main contact is the minister. Where possible, the name of the youth leader is also provided.

City of Ottawa Presbyterian Churches

Calvin Hungarian (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://calvinhungarian.org/
Minister: Peter Laszlo

Gloucester (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://gloucesterchurch.ca/
Minister: Denise Allen-Macartney
Leader - Youth and Family Outreach Program: Prince Owusu

Knox (Ottawa)

Church Website: https://www.knoxottawa.ca/
Minister: Jim Pot

Parkwood (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://www.parkwoodchurch.ca/
Minister: James T. Hurd
Christian Education Support Worker: Victoria Mabie
Team Leader, Christian Education: Pam Pestaluky

St. Andrew's (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://www.standrewsottawa.ca/
Minister: Karen Dimock
Christian Education Coordinator: Sydney Johnson

St. David & St. Martin's

Church Website: http://www.thesaints.ca/
Minister: George Zimmerman

St. Giles (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://stgilesottawa.org/
Church Office: No Minister at moment

St. Paul's (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://stpaulspcottawa.com/
Minister: Grant Wilson
Family Pastor: Tamara Hyde-Mosher
Youth and Worship Pastor: Jeffrey Choi

St. Stephen's (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://ststephensottawa.ca/
Minister: Meg Patterson

St. Timothy's (Ottawa)

Church Website: http://sttimsottawa.com/
Minister: Reine Boghos


Church Website: http://mywestminster.ca/
Minister: Chris Clarke

Ottawa Region Presbyterian Churches

Barrhaven (Barrhaven)

Church Website: http://pccbarrhaven.ca/
Minister: Shahrzad Kandalaft

Trinity (Carp/Kanata)

Church Website: https://trinitykanata.ca/
Minister: Shaun Seaman

St. Andrew's (Aylmer)

Church Website: http://pccweb.ca/standrews-aylmer/
Regular Supply: Stan Hanna

St. Andrew's (Kars)

Church Website: http://pccweb.ca/standrews-kars/
Minister: Liz Chan

Osgoode (Vernon)

Church Website: http://pccweb.ca/osgoodepc/
Minister: Liz Chan

Knox (Manotick)

Church Website: http://knoxmanotick.ca/
Minister: Philip Kim

Grace (Orleans)

Church Website: http://www.graceorleans.ca/
Minister: Jonathan Dent
Youth Leader: Tomm Kuiperij

Jesus the Only Way Evangelical Mission (Orleans)

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theonlyway14/
Minister: John Sourial

St. Andrew's (Richmond)

Church Website: http://standrewsrichmond.org/
Minister: Wayne Menard

Rockland Community (Rockland)

Church Website: https://www.rocklandcommunitychurch.com/
Stated Supply: Ruth Draffin

St. Andrew's (Stittsville)

Church Website: http://standrews-stittsville.ca/
Minister: Doug Kendall

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