Winterlude Event

What Happened Back in 2019

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Winterlude 2019

February 9, 2019 - Knox, Ottawa

Wow! What a day!

Over 30 youth and 15 youth leaders came to our Winterlude event. After a few ice breakers and opening talk, they came together to learn more about homeless youth in Ottawa and what Restoring Hope Ministries is doing to help. There were games, videos, and lots of discussion as youth explored what could lead people to leave home and end up on the street. Where would they sleep? Where would they be safe? Where could they keep their possessions safe?

Our Bible text was Matthew 25:31-40. We talked about how faith and action are like a pair of shoes. You can get along quite well with only one but it's a lot easier to walk when you have both.

Then it was time for youth to put their faith into action - cutting food for salads, making chili, preparing humus, and putting together winter kits. Youth just took control over the whole process: chopping away, blending, packing.

After their own dinner, youth loaded up everything and walked over to First Baptist Church where Restoring Hope Ministries operates out of. A quick tour of their set up, back to Knox, Ottawa where their parents were picking them up.

Thanks to Knox,Ottawa for hosting us. Thanks to the leaders who worked so hard to make the event a success. Thanks to many leaders who came with their youth. We're really blessed to have such great youth.

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