Retreat @ Gracefield

Our Story

The Challenges

Perhaps the greatest challenge Christians have is: How do we pass on our faith to the next generation? In other words,

  • How do we encourage our youth to grow in their faith and their own relationship with Jesus?

As Christians, we believe that each person needs to personally respond to Christ's call but Christianity is not simply a personal, individual faith. We are part of a community - the congregation. More than that, we are part of the even larger, broader community - the Church. How do we accomplish this?

  • How do we help our youth experience the larger community?

The simplest way is to bring youth together from our different congregations to do various activities or undertake specials projects as part of a larger group.

The Youth Working Group (YWG)

Congregations in the Presbytery of Ottawa knew the challenges facing their youth and their youth leaders, and came up with a plan to help meet those challenges: create the Youth Working Group where youth leaders or clergy from the congregations came together to plan presbytery-wide events.

Our mandate is not to replace a congregation's own youth leader and youth but rather to plan 2 or 3 special events throughout the year for youth and 1 or 2 events for youth leaders.

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