Past Events 2017

Christmas Pageants

December 2017

December is Christmas Pageant time for congregations. Some are very traditional while others tend to be more contemporary or even futuristic in communicating the Gospel.

However youth and children portray the story of Jesus, it's a fun time for Christians to remember who we are and what we celebrate - and share some of the photos. Here are photos from some of 2017's Christmas pageants.

Christmas in the Stable

December 17, 2017

Youth and adults gathered from across the city for an afternoon of carols and the re-telling of the Christmas story in contemporary language.

They came to the stable - to listen, to sing, and to be part of the mystery and wonder that is Christmas - and enjoyed great music, good fellowship and hot chocolate or coffee. Younger children had fun simply running around in the stable!

Mission 5 to 5000

October 14, 2017

How hard is it to live on low, fixed income?

Youth from several Ottawa congregations came together at Parkwood to learn about challenges facing Canadians "on the edge." After some games and opening worship/Bible study, the youth broke into smaller groups to discuss a bit about poverty and what the Bible had to say about poverty.

Then, youth were challenged to prepare a budget for a family of 4 living on the edge - and go shopping for dinner with only $2 per person.

The youth were fantastic! They planned their meal, pooled their limited resources, shopped for foot and managed to fix a SCRUMPTUOUS rice dish for everyone.

The evening wrapped up with debriefing, clean-up and closing prayers. An added bonus - youth also learned that, while living on limited income is a challenge, it doesn't mean you aren't rich in other ways. By working together and sharing what they had, they experienced community, friendships and fun. Or - as one person in a made-for-TV movie put it, "You never have enough if all you have is money."

Leading with Care

October 12, 2017

In early October, some of Ottawa's youth leaders came together to learn about the church's Leading with Care policy.

We covered a lot of material - including why the issue is so important and what possible ramifications exist for not following the policy but most importantly, people shared examples from their own experiences and how they dealt with some of the challenges.

All in all - people found it useful. More workshops will be scheduled for 2018!

Leaders-in-Training 2017

Jul 8-Aug 4, 2017

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The Leader-in-training program was an intensive 200-hour course spread over four weeks, including a multi-day canoe trip and an internship on site at Gracefield Camp.

LITs received instruction in: camp skill development, safety and risk management; child development; leadership styles; worship leadership; First Aid training; wilderness practice scenarios; canoe skill training; and job application skills (cover letters and resumes).

This year, eleven teens became LITs - even though a lot of work was involved, they still had a great time and their enthusiasm was certainly catching!