Mission 5 to 5000

Youth from several Ottawa congregations came together at Parkwood to learn about some of the challenges facing Canadians "on the edge". After some fun games, and opening worship revolving around Leviticus 23:22, Ruth 2:3-17 and Matthew 14:13-21, the youth broke up into groups to discuss the Bible lessons and learn about poverty. Their task: prepare a budget for a family of 4 living on the edge, and then go shopping for dinner with only $2 each!

The youth were fantastic! They planned their meal, pooled their limited resources, went to the nearby grocery store and Dollar Store to shop for food, and managed to fix a scrumptious rice dish for almost everyone. One youth insisted on soup but he bartered for some of their food too.

The evening wrapped up with debriefing, clean-up and some closing prayers. It was a great learning experience for the youth and youth leaders. Not only did everyone learn about conditions and challenges that too many Canadians on limited income experience, they also learned about some of the riches they can experience as well: friendships, fellowships, and fun.

As one person in a Made-for-TV movie put it, "You never have enough if all you have is money" - and the youth certainly discovered that at this event.

Now - if only we would remember to take more photos!