Winterlude 2018: Space for Grace

The Presbytery youth Winterlude event took place mid-February. Youth from across the region came to celebrate winter and God. While they were arriving, we started off with Floor Scrabble. Once everyone was there, we headed over to a nearby park where youth learned to differentiate between human grace (which comes and goes in spurts) and God's grace (which surrounds us all the time). Throwing snowballs, dumping buckets of snow, and burying volunteers in snow enabled them to experience the difference for themselves. Swings, slides, and snow forts were also popular!

Then it was back to church for a quick break and more fun: Ice Cube Relay Racing blowing on the cubes with straws; and Marble Balancing (on top of containers in a bucket of water)!

Worship time - and time to learn about different spiritual gifts and some of the gifts that youth had demonstrated during our Winterlude event. Time for supper, clean-up and more fun while while waiting for parents rounded up the event.

Thanks to all who came, to all who helped with the event, and to Westminster Presbyterian for hosting us.