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The 21st century has brought a number of challenges to Christians and to the Church in general: How can we support our youth and youth leaders? What can we do to help them draw closer to Jesus? How we remind them they are part of a larger Christian Presbyterian community?

The Presbytery of Ottawa's 20 congregations created the Youth Working Group to support congregations and youth leaders in their youth ministry, and to organize and run a number of larger youth programs.

We also organize Leading with Care workshops and other training as may be required.


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October Newsletter

Check out October's Youth Newsletter: Click here

Leading with Care Workshop

What is our Church policy re working with youth and other vulnerable people? Why is the issue important? How does it affect our ministry?

These are some of the questions we will be looking at in the Leading with Care workshops this fall. The workshops are open to Youth Leaders and Sunday School Teachers. Come with your questions and situations that can be used as case studies!

Two sessions are planned for this fall:
  - Wednesday, Oct 3rd @ Trinity, Kanata/Carp - 7:00-9:30 p.m.

Workshops are free, but please register so we can get an idea of numbers. You can register by contacting Rev. Dr. Cheryl Gaver directly, at cgaver@cogeco.ca.

Leading with Care


Youth Programs, Workshops & Activities

Overwhelmed with everything? Need resources? Need training? Start with these pages:

- Presbyterian Resources
- Programs & Activities
- Training & Workshops

Don't forget to look after yourself!
- Spiritual Health & Growth

Sharing Area

Where and how do you begin youth ministry? Or have you attended a conference and want to share your notes? Start here:
- Notes
- Using Digital Technology
- Youth Ministry 101
- Recommended Books

Need ideas (or share ideas) for larger activities/projects?
- Activity Ideas

Looking for ways to fund activities?
- Fundraising Ideas
- Grant Information

Christian Youth Organizations in the Region

Remember: - you are not alone in working with youth!

We all belong to the body of Christ and need to support one another in our combined ministry: Presbyterian, and others in the Ottawa and Seaway-Glengarry regions.

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