Youth Programs & Activities

It used to be so easy. The denomination would produce a curriculum which leaders would buy and use. Youth ministry was always a little different but essentially it was a combination of curriculum and activities.

The internet has changed all that. So much material is available - much of it free - that youth leaders may find it overwhelming. Where can they get good resources? How do they even know what qualifies as "good"?

And, if they find a good curriculum, where can they find really good activities?

There is where networking really becomes important. Here are some of the resources that I have found or others have suggested. If you have found some resources you really like, then why not let others know about them? Email me @

Note - I try to find a balance in resources between evangelical and mainstream - conservative and liberal. If you don't know what those terms mean, ask me!

Youth Curricula

Curriculum Comparison and Guide
Published by the Presbyterian Church in Canada, this small booklets provides information on a number of curricula for Sunday Schools. In a very clear format, information is provided on "Age/grade level"; "Description"; "Themes"; "Primary Bible Translation"; "Unique Features"; "Cautionary Notes" and more. Note, some resources do go up to Grade 12 - i.e., youth.

Alpha Canada
Learn about Alpha, run an Alpha program in your community, etc.

Children and Worship Program
This program is "designed to immerse young children in the wonder of worship in an age-appropriate way. Influenced by the Montessori approach, the Children & Worship program involves storytelling, multi-sensory materials, wondering questions, and creative response time to help children learn about God."

Children's Sermons and Object Lessons
This website is focused on children and youth, and comes from Andrew Hewlett, Anglican priest in the Anglican Network in Canada (so more conservative). The site includes quizzes, games, fund raising ideas, and short, fun messages.

Grow Curriculum
A Comprehensive System To Grow Your Students and Your Ministry. Also includes tips for youth leaders on what to do and not do.

Ministry to Youth
Useful site for ministry lessons and activities for youth. Many are available for free from time to time.

Share Faith Kids
This "all-in-one church worship & outreach resources" site has a special section for developing a Sunday School program "like never before." Sunday School lessons, Vacation Bible school and other products are offered.

Stuff You Can Use
Another way to access the Grow curriculum, plus tools to "help you be more awesome".

Aids & Activities

Bible Project Curriculum
Visual storytelling meets the Bible. Not part of any specific Christian denomination or tradition, the "Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessiblee to everyone, everywhere."

Fish Flix
A resource for Christian movies, DVDs and Blu-Ray.

Ministry to Youth
Useful site for ministry lessons and activities for youth. Many are available for free from time to time.

Right Now Ministries
A customizable video library - the "Netflix of Christian Bible study". Also offers conferences and retreats.

Stuff You Can Use
This site includes tools to "help you be more awesome": games, music, and more. Coaching is also available.

Supplemental Material & Projects

Perhaps you want to focus on a specific topic or issue - or simply need more information? Here are some sites to check out.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank
This website provides a variety of resources to help children learn about food issues in the world - including worship, educational activities (games and quizzes),and videos.
Children's Sermons and Object Lessons
Fun Object Lessons for Kids at Children's Church or Sunday School.
The Joshua Project Network
The Great Commission calls us to make disciples among every nation or people. It's a great ideal, but to turn it into reality, Christians need help - information about cultures, other religions, and where the need is greatest. The Joshua Project is a research initiative focusing on ethnic people groups of the world. It contains a lot of information useful for mission studies.
Protect Young Minds
This anti-pornography site provides resources to help children learn to reject pornography, help them heal from exposure or addiction to pornography, and tell others about the effects of pornography.
ShareFaith Sharefaith partners with to help them expand their outreach in proclaiming Jesus as Lord, King, and Savior through creating "cutting-edge media and technology resources that equip the entire ministry team and all ministry platforms to serve and teach with excellence."
Strength to Fight
Another anti-pornography website, "fighting for a porn-free Canada" by equipping Canadians "to live porn-free lives and build porn-free communities."