Working with youth? Have questions about what you can do to get youth to attend your church's youth group? Wonder what you can do to increase participation in youth events? What are the "Do's and Dont's" of youth ministry?

You are not alone. There are resources (see the other resource pages). Training is also possible. Contact me for more information: (

Training is offered both to improve your effectiveness as youth leader and to deepen your own understanding of Christianity/Presbyterianism.

-The Bible: Translations & Versions
This workshop explores the many versions, translations and paraphrases of English Bibles that we have.

-The Bible: Understanding & Interpreting the Bible
This 2-part workshop is built on the Presbyterian Church document. The first part looks at the different sections of the Bible, tracing their development. The second session looks at different ways Presbyterians interpret the Bible, showing how faithful Presbyterians can come up with completely different interpretations of the text.

-Foundations/Strategic Planning for Youth Leaders
This workshop, scheduled for August 8th and facilitated by Johanna Freer from Youth for Christ, is designed to ...

-Presbyterianism: A Quick Introduction to Presbyterian History, Polity & Governance
This workshop provides some basic information for youth leaders about where Presbyterians come from, why exist, what we stand for, and what makes us different from other denominations.

-Presbyterians & Others: A Quick Introduction to Christian Denominations
This workshop provides some basic information about when and how different denominations emerged and how they differ from one another, with a special focus on Presbyterians (but less so than in the Presbyterianism workshop)

-Telling Better Stories
Do you enjoy telling stories - or listening to them - but wish you could do better. It may be possible to set up something with some professional story-tellers or authors of children's books.

-Training for Sunday School Teachers
How to communicate the Gospel to children of different ages - how to handle difficult situations - how to ... this workshop presents some basic ECE-type information for new teachers but may be of interest to youth leaders as well.

Upcoming Training / Workshops

Leading with Care
- September 29th - St. John's (Cornwall)
- October 3rd - Trinity (Kanata/Carp)
Confirmation Retreat
- January 18-20, 2019 - Gracefield
Working with Curriculum
- February 23, 2019 - location to be finalized

General Workshops

Workshops on other topics that may be of interest to either youth or youth leaders are also possible. Among them:

The weekend retreat (with or without a sleepover) includes sessions on God, the Bible, Love, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, Early Church, the Reformation, Presbyterianism, and the Sacraments. Includes presentations, discussions, case studies, skits, games and other activities.

Christianity & the Movies
This 3-part series looks at Christian themes in movies, exploring how religious movies reflect our society as much as the Bible; and how Christian themes (including end of the world) are treated in religious and non-religious movies and TV series.

Harry Potter & Christianity
Based on John Granger's book, Looking for God in Harry Potter, this workshop loks at Harry Potter as a way to communicate the Gospel for a new generation. Sessions assume a familiarity with the books or films.

Windows onto World Religions
This 4-part series looks at the major world religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese Religions, Judaism, and Islam), exploring their appeal, their questions of life, and where they seem to connect with or contradict Christianity.