Fundraising Ideas

Wondering how to raise money for special events or projects? Check some of the suggestions listed on these pages (yes, more than one) for ideas that others have done.

Partnering with the Legion*

Most Legions do a chicken or spaghetti dinner. Some ask for a security deposit of $100.00. They purchase the food and have a cook prepare it. They also bill for paying the cook and dishwasher - this is non-negotiable and required by health inspectors. They ask for about 10 volunteers for the day of the dinner (youth, parents, other adults). The volunteers set and clear tables, serve food, and help the dishwater.

A chicken dinner with all the fixings (mashed potatoes, vegetable, gravy, bun, coffee/tea) should cost the public $15.00. Profit margin can vary but is usually around 45%. Ask about your group bringing in dessert or salads.

Advertising. Advertising the event on a local cable channel is free; advertising in a local paper with upcoming events is also free. You can also advertise for free in church bulletins (your own and those of neighbouring churches).

Advance Sales. Advance ticket sales are best as the Legion must know numbers one week before the event so they can order the food. Make sure you include the volunteers in your numbers.

The Legion will also sell tickets for you. If you have the event Sunday after church, they may have many of their own members attending too.

Note: Legions do not do fundraisers after May 15th as they are heading into their busy season.

*You might try Knights of Columbus, the Rotary Club or other service groups in addition to the Legion.

Partnering with Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza has multiple programs that you can partner with them on.

One of the simplest that I did was to invite the Congregation to eat at Boston Pizza after service on a specific Sunday afternoon.

  1. - Kids eat free on Sundays and when they would go, I had Youth (in their St. John's t-shirts) assist the servers with taking the orders and delivering the drinks.
  2. - Visitors from the Church had to mention they were there because of the fund raiser.
  3. - Boston Pizza cut a cheque for 10% of the sales (excluding alcoholic beverages). They will not give you the total sales of the afternoon, just the ones that mention the Church. When St. John's held the event, it was for 2 hours and we received over $ 100.00.

The most lucrative offer Boston Pizza has is to sell tickets for $20.00 to a Monday evening in the bar with unlimited pizza: You keep $10.00 and the balance to Boston Pizza.

This is a great event for young couples looking for an outing. If you sell out the bar side, you can raise a great amount of $$. Boston Pizza is counting on the alcohol sales from this one.

Boston Pizza also has programs where youth assist the servers and the equivalent of the dollars earned be given as pizzas:

  1. - You can then have a pizza night at the church and charge $2.00 a slice OR
  2. - You can arrange for a pizza party for the youth where they make their own pizzas.(that part is not a fund raiser but just a fun time).
  3. - You can also do a Boston Pizza fundraiser, helping the servers, and Boston Pizza will allow you to sell tickets to another event e.g., Legion dinner, Knights of Columbus dinner, evening at the Church, etc.

Communion Sundays

On Communion Sundays, I arrange for a luncheon that the youth help prepare and serve. The lunch consists of soup, bun, veggie trays, cheese trays and desserts. Sometimes, we will switch it up and have tortilla chips and salsa on the platter as well.

We ask for desserts from some of the parents. It is a free will offering. We take the cost of the food out and make between $80.00 and $200.00. It can also be used as an example of servitude and fellowship. This gives an opportunity for fellowship by having tables with 6 or 8 where families join other families.

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